Before sending you shipment please verify that you have all the paperwork need it for it, such as:

FCC Form 740
A copy of the FCC Form is required for all shipments of electronic equipment such as radios, telephones, stereos, CD players, televisions, computers and disc drives – anything that can send or receive a signal. The FCC Form is required as a supplement to other customs forms such as the Commercial Invoice or 3299 Form.

Radiation Form FD2877
The Radiation Form is required for all shipments of computer monitors, laser printers, televisions, stereos, etc., anything that can emit radiation. The Radiation Form must be an original copy with original signature of shipper.

Fish & Wildlife Form (3-177)
The Fish & Wildlife Form is required for all wildlife shipments and commodities such as fur coats, shoes, hats, gloves, or any kind of material lined or trimmed with fur. it must also accompany anything coming from or that’s been to a taxidermist. This form is requireon all wildlife shipments, excluding domestic and barnyard animals.

B-13A Form
The B-13A Form is required for all shipments sent to international destinations other than the US, where the value of the merchandise is $2.000 or greater. The form must be completed in full, and taken to a Customs Office by you to be stamped. Customs will not accept a photocopy or fax of this paperwork.The UPS Store cannot get this form stamped for our customer.

Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products
Useful when returning American made products back to USA, and the manufacturer. if gods are not manufactured in the USA, Customs may refuse entry of the parcel.

Inheritance Letter
Recommended for all shipments involving estate settlements where the new owner does not want to pay duty or taxes on the items.






Shipping Goods With or Containing Lithium Batteries

A wide variety of electronic goods powered by Lithium Batteries are affected by the new regulations, regardless of whether they are rechargeable (Lithium Ion) or non-rechargeable (Lithium Metal). The regulations apply when:

  • Lithium Batteries are packed and shipped as individual items
  • Lithium Batteries are packed separately but shipped with equipment in the same box. Example: A cell phone with a replaceable Lithium Battery
  • Lithium Batteries are contained or installed in equipment and therefore shipped in the same box. Example: A computer tablet with an integrated Lithium Battery within the device that cannot be removed or replaced by the user

Due to increasing safety concerns raised by the aviation industry, the IATA regulations governing the shipping of Lithium Batteries have been tightened and airlines consequently have to enforce these regulations more rigorously.

Please note that the safe transportation of such contents by air and the full compliance to IATA regulations is the legal responsibility of the Shipper. In view of this fact, IATA has produced a guide to help Shippers understand and comply with the regulations.




tnt_latest lithium battery form


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